Specifying Transitions for WSRR Promotion

If you’re using the promotion feature of WebSphere Services Registry and Repository (WSRR) to copy content from one registry instance to another on governance state changes, you’ll need to specify which transitions are used for promotion. This is described here. However, what may not be entirely clear are the names to be used for the transitions. These must map to the operation name of the governance transition, and not to the transition name itself. For example, the ‘Plan’ transition of the default governance lifecycle is defined in SACL like this:

<sacl:stateMachineDefinition ...
    <sacl:transition name="Transition1">
      <sacl:operation name="Plan" portType="_:DefaultLifecycle"/>

Therefore, the transition is defined like this in the Promotion Properties:


Note the use of Plan rather than Transition1.

Thanks to Steve Groeger and Martin Smithson for their help with this tip.