Increasing WebSphere Integration Developer’s Heap Size

Sometimes, when working with WebSphere Integration Developer, you may find that you run out of heap space for its JVM – this will typically result in sudden crashes, and often happens when you have a lot of projects loaded or you’re doing a lot of intensive activity.

In this case, you may want to consider increasing the maximum heap size. Because WebSphere Integration Developer is based on Eclipse, you can do this using the standard Eclipse approach, which is documented on the Eclipse wiki.

Broadly, you’ll want to add some command-line arguments to the WebSphere Integration Developer shortcut. Open the properties of the shortcut from your start menu, and append the following:

-vmargs -Xms512M -Xmx1536M

This will set the initial heap size to 0.5GiB and the maximum heap size to 1.5GiB, for example. You can adjust the value for your needs.



Solution Diagram Not Working in WID 6.2?

WebSphere Integration Developer v6.2 has a cool new feature called the Solution Diagram, which shows the whole of a Solution (a Solution being a new concept that allows you to group Modules, Mediation Modules and Business Integration Libraries into conceptual chunks). It looks something a bit like this:


However, the Solution Diagram won’t appear if you don’t have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed – instead, you’ll just get a plain blue background in the window when you try to open it. Unfortunately there’s no warning for this. The fix is to install the latest Flash Player from Adobe. (Note: this is not an IBM piece of software). Restart WebSphere Integration Developer after installing it and your diagrams should show without a problem.