Coach repeating table pagination toolkit

My first contribution to IBM BPM Wiki

A toolkit for paginating repeating tables in coaches. Not the only one available but the only one that does it just the way I like it.

About Gabriel Telerman
Occupation: IBM SOA-BPM Consultant. Profession: Guitar Hero

5 Responses to Coach repeating table pagination toolkit

  1. Pat says:

    Seems the last few posts were on Lombardi. No more process server? :-)

  2. Gabriel Telerman says:

    Yes, for AIS implementation still WPS, but I’m collecting Lombardi knowledge these days.

  3. How’s business in the store yesterday? I saw kids getting bigger items, exciting! Hey, I heard that tickets for Getty is all gone until March/April. Click

  4. Kiran says:

    Hey can some body provide the document to implement pagination as link is not will help me a lot

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