WebSphere Business Process Management v7 Production Topologies Draft Redbook Available

This post is a bit of a personal plug, but I’ve just returned from a Redbook Residency writing the book WebSphere Business Process Management (BPM) V7 Production Topologies Redbook, which illustrates how to set up various BPM products for production, including WebSphere Process Server. It’s a fully updated version of the previous book in the series, which was for V6.2 of the BPM products. The book is now available in draft, so please feel free to take a look – you can send feedback via the feedback e-mail address on that page. I’d also encourage you to rate the book, especially if you think it’s good!


3 Responses to WebSphere Business Process Management v7 Production Topologies Draft Redbook Available

  1. Sadh says:

    Andrew –

    I seem to have a problem with the ForEach activity in WID v6.2. I want to use the Exit criteria for early exit out of the loop .
    But , does WID evaluate the condition we specify in the exit criteria for every iteration of the ForEach ?

    I am going through sequential approval process (Standalone Human Task)in my ForEachLoop and the scenario demands that if one of the approvers reject the task , I would not want to go through the rest of the approvers. The number of sequential approvers for a scenario is dynamic and decided during run-time.

    Any comments ?

  2. @Sadh, unfortunately, the early exit criterion probably doesn’t do what you want: it’s static.

    I think you’ll want to look into using a While loop for this.


  3. Sadh says:

    Hi Andrew –

    Many thanks . I am already using the DoWhile .I wanted to know if my understanding of the ForEach is correct .

    I noticed that the Dowhile executes each of the iterations of the loop until it meets a ‘true’ in the condition block . I thought it is more logical to exit the Dowhile until it meets ‘false’.

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