WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide: Review

I was recently asked to review the new book WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide by Steve Robinson. First impressions are good; the book looks professional and comprehensive. Steve starts from the basics, installing WebSphere Application Server from scratch. He walks through some administration tasks that I might expect an experienced system administrator or developer to be able to do without trouble (details on un-taring a file, for example), and a little more information at various points would be welcome: for example, although Chapter 1 describes creation of a profile, it doesn’t really explain what a profile is or why it would be needed, referring only to an “application server definition”.

Nevertheless, taken as a whole, the book is generally thorough, and certainly covers the basics for someone with little WebSphere Application Server expertise or exposure. Steve looks at administrative security, scripting, messaging via the System Integration Bus, and so on. As the title implies, the book doesn’t talk much about application development, but that’s fine. There’s nothing here you wouldn’t find elsewhere, but Steve does a good job of collecting it all together, and presenting WebSphere administration topics in a coherent and logical manner.

It’s a good book for WebSphere Application Server administrators who are just getting started – and it would also be useful for those learning to administrate products that use it as a base, such as WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus or WebSphere Process Server.


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