Changing a SOAP Endpoint on an Outgoing Message using JAX-WS

This tip comes from Arancha Ocana Diaz-Ufano, who did all the hard work to figure it out!

In WebSphere ESB, there are many ways of changing the endpoint of a SOAP message outbound from a mediation flow, and the normal way is to use the dynamic endpoint support.  To be clear, this is recommended way.

However, there is another technique, and that’s to use a JAX-WS handler (assuming you’re using a JAX-WS Web Services binding) on the outbound message. This might be useful if, for example, you absolutely cannot modify a mediation flow that’s been given to you, you cannot modify the endpoint at administration time (for example, from the administration console), or you want to do the override in a generic fashion across a large number of mediation flows.

The key is knowing the magic incantation to put in your JAX-WS handler. And here it is:

mySOAPMessageContext.put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, "http://myhost:9080/MyEndPoint");

Thanks again to Arancha for allowing us to publish this tip.


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