Auto Starting Applications with WebSphere

There is a handy feature of WebSphere Application Server which allows you to control whether applications start automatically when the server is (re)started. By default, all applications (which are Mediation Modules or Modules in WebSphere ESB and Process Server terminology) start automatically when the server starts, but you can turn this off on an application-by-application basis. This is particularly useful to speed up server startup time, or if the applications consume resources as soon as they are started.

You can enable or disable Auto Start using the admin console – simply navigate to Applications / Enterprise Applications / Your application / Target specific application status:


If you have the application installed on multiple servers in a Network Deployment topology, you can select a different Auto Start status for each server.

Thanks to Victoria Amor for the help with this tip.


3 Responses to Auto Starting Applications with WebSphere

  1. Josh says:


    Is there any way to do modify auto start via wsadmin?


    • Leo says:

      It seems can do this.There is a function named “def setDeploymentAutoStart(deploymentname, enabled, deploymenttargetname=None):
      “””Sets an application to start automatically, when the server starts.”

  2. soma cruz says:

    Ey yo! This is intuitive. Gotta know and really will appreciate if explain how to do it wsadmin and if it is possible to do it with nodes down. Thanks in advance

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