SOA Tips ‘n’ Tricks Joins Twitter

I (Andrew Ferrier – the primary author of this blog) recently joined Twitter. However, I was bothered that folks who were interested in me and my ramblings wouldn’t be interested in my day job – i.e. the technical content on this blog regarding WebSphere ESB and related products. On the other hand, folks interested in that may not know me personally, and may not want to read my potentially controversial personal ramblings. I don’t think it’s appropriate to mix the two.

To that end, SOA Tips ‘n’ Tricks has started posting on Twitter. You can see the feed on the sidebar of this blog, and follow it on Twitter here. At the time of writing, the Twitter account automatically re-publishes links to all posts on the blog, as well as the WebSphere ESB support feed. However, I expect to be posting more unique-to-Twitter micro-blog entries as time progresses.


One Response to SOA Tips ‘n’ Tricks Joins Twitter

  1. Twitter is really a great invention, but I think blogging is even more important to create some traffic. But I can use some of the tips.

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