WebSphere ESB v6.2 Available

Dave has already beaten me in laying out the details, but it’s worth pointing out that WebSphere ESB 6.2 (together with its tooling environment, WebSphere Integration Developer, and larger business-process-choreographing cousin, WebSphere Process Server), are now available. There’s some good stuff in there; check out the DeveloperWorks articles on Integration Developer and Process Server to find out more.


3 Responses to WebSphere ESB v6.2 Available

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  2. Tom Rose says:

    I see the intent of WESB, however, DataPower ESB is being introduced into the product line. Can you compare contrast on the different products and where they play in the Enterprise? Where I would deploy both of them in the Enterprise, or should we only pick one.

  3. @Tom,

    That’s a complex question with no simple answer. Probably the way I would generally categorise them is: DataPower is a hardware appliance with all that comes with that – it is fast and well-optimized for what it does. However, its extensibility is limited. We often also see customers using it as an ESB ‘gateway’ – at the boundaries of an ESB architecture – to provide load control, security, etc.

    WESB is a software ESB so, unsurprisingly, is more extensible. It builds on WebSphere App Server so if your organisations has skills in that it may be desirable.

    It’s worth saying that I’ve seen some customers using only one of the products above, and some using both, sometimes in combination. It really depends on your circumstances. I’ve glossed over many points in that simplified summary – I’d encourage you to engage with your local IBM sales team if you’re interested in finding out more.

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