Automated Builds – Stopping BPEL Processes

I’ve recently been helping a customer put together an automated build and deployment for their Process Server artifacts, which include Integration Modules with BPEL processes. We used this excellent DeveloperWorks article as a basis, but we’ve extended it to also include automatic deployment – including uninstalling and reinstalling each module once it’s built. Anyone who’s tried to uninstall a module containing a running BPEL process without first stopping the process will know that this doesn’t work. So I was hunting around for an automated solution for this.

Luckily, there is one specified in the a documentation for WebSphere Process Server 6.0.2. For some reason, this seems to be missing from the 6.1 documentation, but the solution still seems to be valid. It works perfectly; this means a complete end-to-end automated deployment is possible.


3 Responses to Automated Builds – Stopping BPEL Processes

  1. yannis says:

    the article you are referring to is very good, but if you use snippets in your project, you have to add in version control the autogenerated code!!
    this is not very nice :-(

    is there any workaround ?

  2. I agree. Unfortunately, that is the workaround :(

    At the moment, I’m not aware of any other approach.

  3. Amr Ali says:

    More interresting is to run the server in development mode. for your local.

    in some situation, u can try the same command with -forc option.

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