In WebSphere Integration Developer, you may sometimes find yourself importing a Project Interchange File, only to see errors about a missing dependency on websphere_default_messaging_provider.

This is an automatically generated project that is created whenever you use a JMS binding. Ideally, you should export it whenever you are creating a Project Interchange file containing modules with JMS imports or exports, and this will happen if you include the modules’ dependencies. However, if you forget to do this (or someone else doesn’t include it and you are given the interchange file), there is an easy fix – simply create a new export in a module, add any interface, and then a JMS binding. Save the project, and you should find the warning disappears. You can now delete the export.


2 Responses to websphere_default_messaging_provider

  1. Paul DiCarlo says:

    Great help. I would just add (for people relatively new to WID (like myself) that you mean create a new export from the Palette on the Assembly Diagram (not exporting a PI file).

  2. raj says:

    Thanks. it solved my problem.

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