IBM Support Assistant

Do you have one or more IBM products installed in your company and have difficultly remembering how to:

  • Get to the product homepage
  • Get to the product support page
  • Find the latest fixes available
  • Find online education for the product
  • Create and submit a product problem report
  • Collect all the data necessary when raising a problem report
  • View and update a problem report

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes then you need the IBM Support Assistant – a web based tool which you install locally on your machine to help you easily perform these tasks. It works by you choosing which products you are interested in across the whole of the IBM portfolio (not just the WebSphere brand) and allows you to install plugins for each of them. You can then use the tool to find the information and perform the tasks above and also search various online sources of documentation for more information on a particular area. Definitely worth a look!


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