Documenting modules and mediation modules

Composite applications such as modules and mediation modules can easily become quite complex what with the number of artifacts involved – business objects, interfaces, components, etc. and so good documentation is essential. WebSphere Integration Developer makes the documentation process simple by providing an area in the Properties view for each artifact type for you to add your own documentation. Once you have done this you can then right click on a module or mediation module project in the Business Integration view and select Generate Documentation. By default this will generate a PDF complete with documentation for all of your artifacts including images of your assembly diagram, mediation flows, and property settings for each component etc.

As part of the Generate documentation wizard you can choose to create a new master file. This allows you to define which artifacts you want to be included in your documentation. Very useful if you only decide to document certain artifacts.


2 Responses to Documenting modules and mediation modules

  1. Hannah says:

    Cheers Chris…good post – only yesterday, I was wondering how to generate documentation. It appeared as a requirement in a recent technical spec I had to review.

  2. Glad it’s been of use – generating documentation is a really useful feature, particularly because it not only includes your textual descriptions but also screen shots of your flows, assembly diagrams, etc.

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