Promoted Properties

In WebSphere ESB/WebSphere Process Server v6.0.2 a new piece of functionality was added to allow an integration developer building a mediation module to expose (or promote) the properties used to configure mediation primitives inside the mediation flow. These promoted properties can then be modified by a solution administrator via the administrative console.

This prevents the need for:

– Uninstalling the mediation module
– Importing the project interchange into WebSphere Integration Developer
– Modifying the property
– Exporting the mediation module from WebSphere Integration Developer
– Reinstalling the mediation module

In order to promote a property you need to look at the Promoted properties Properties view for the mediation flow (click on thumbnails to see full images).

On here you need to tick the checkbox next to the property you wish to promote and give it an alias name (this is the name it will have in the administrative console).

Once you have deployed your mediation module (inside WebSphere Integration Developer do this via right clicking on your server in the server view and choosing Add and remove projects), you can then go to the administrative console to modify your promoted property.

Promoted properties administrative panel

To do this you need to open your administrative console (again right click on the server you deployed your mediation module to and select Run administrative console) and then navigate to Applications>SCA Modules>your mediation module and click the Module properties link on the right hand side. You will now be presented with a screen which will let you modify your promoted property.

Note: If you set 2 or more properties of the same type to have the same alias then these properties will effectively become linked, i.e. only one entry will appear in the administrative console and when this is changed all properties with that alias name will be changed accordingly. This is useful for things such as input validation which you may want on for testing but may wish to turn off in production, as you can give the Validate input property on each mediation primitive in your flow the same alias name and then just turn it on and off from the administrative console.


8 Responses to Promoted Properties

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  2. Chris Howle says:

    Chris, excellent post. Something else I recently learned about promoted properties is the ability to change them via the wsadmin command modifySCAModuleProperty:

  3. Thanks and a good point I forgot to mention in my original post.

  4. Billipelli Jayaprakash Reddy says:


    This is a very good info, i am looking for the same features in WPS as well, I am looking for following features
    1. Define my own property for a BPEL
    2. Promote the same and change the same at runtime.


  5. @Billipelli,

    I’m not aware that WPS has such a promoted properties feature for BPEL. You could emulate that kind of behaviour using some type of lookup (in a database, etc.), but this would obviously be a little bit of extra work.

  6. Billipelli jayaprakash reddy says:

    Can i use Realtionships for this purpose where i will change the values at runtime using realtion ship manager console and have them used in the BPEL at runtime?

    Is this approach is ok?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  7. Satya says:


    We have promoted properties in mediation flow. In the same way, Do we have promoted properties in BPEL flow?


  8. Cool site, love the info.

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