WebSphere Integration Developer Tips

Some tips to help make working with WebSphere Integration Developer, particularly with multiple workspaces, that little bit easier:

Show the current workspace directory in the title bar

To do this you need to set the Eclipse -showlocation option which you can do by:
– On Windows modifying your WebSphere Integration Developer shortcut to include -showlocation at the end of the command that is being run.
– On Linux modify the shortcut_wid file which can be found in the directory where you installed WebSphere Integration Developer to include -showlocation after the path to the wid.bin executable.

Open different WebSphere Integration Developer workspaces at the same time

– Start WebSphere Integration Developer in the normal way and choose your first workspace.
– Then start WebSphere Integration in the normal way again but choose a different workspace.

Increase the number of console lines so that you can see the full console output

– Go to Window>Preferences>Run/Debug and increase the console buffer size.

Note: If you choose to set this too high or not limit the console output you can run out of memory.


4 Responses to WebSphere Integration Developer Tips

  1. ashish says:

    first one was good…thanx

  2. Glad to hear you found this useful. I find that I use multiple workspaces often and so showing the location in the title bar is invaluable.

  3. James Taylor says:

    On a related subject, but for using a single workspace with multiple screens…

    It’s easy to tear off views and put them on a second screen, but you cannot tear out editor tabs to edit different files on each screen. There is a way though: use the Window > New Window menu option and put the new window on your second screen.

  4. Useful tips James – I’d forgotten you could tear off views and using the Window>New Window option to tear out editor panels is also very neat.

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