MQ Library Location in WebSphere ESB / Process Server 6.0.2

If you’re using MQ/JMS bindings on imports or exports in WebSphere ESB / Process Server 6.0.2, you may run into problems if the level of the MQ libraries shipped with ESB doesn’t match the level required by your MQ server (for example, you might see this problem with MQ v6).

The simplest solution, assuming that your MQ server is running on the same host as your ESB server, is to re-point your MQ_INSTALL_ROOT variable (which you can access through the administrative console, via Environment / WebSphere Variables) to point to the install directory of your MQ server (you’ll then need to restart your ESB server).

Alternatively, if your MQ host is running elsewhere, you can copy,, and dhbcore.jar into a directory on your ESB host, and re-point the MQJMS_LIB_ROOT directory to point to this. However, please make sure that your license entitles you to do this.


3 Responses to MQ Library Location in WebSphere ESB / Process Server 6.0.2

  1. Frenk Ochse says:

    hi I’am trying at the moment to configure a import with jms binding directly to an Websphere MQ queue via WID 6.01 and the proces server 6.01. I’m using the Websphere MQ connection factory and the appropriate connections.

    Still it’s generating exceptions. Do you have an examples of how to directly couple an proces server sca component to write to an websphere MQ queue?

  2. Frenk, unfortunately this is not supported by the JMS bindings on imports/exports in Process Server 6.0.1 – they are designed to communicate with WebSphere Platform Messaging, the embedded JMS messaging provider that comes with WebSphere Application Server (and, by extension, Process Server).

    However, you’ll probably find that the new MQ/JMS bindings in Process Server 6.0.2 will do what you want. You can find out more about the new features in 6.0.2 here:

    (look out for the items marked **)

  3. srikanth says:

    hi sir,using commanf prompt queue manager created ok but tcp port how to added?

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