WebSphere ESB 6.0.2 Released

Adrian has already passed on the good news, but WebSphere ESB 6.0.2 has been officially released. See his post for more information on how to get hold of it, along with links explaining what’s new.

On a more personal note, I’m glad to say that I will be moving into a new role next year, working alongside Chris, helping IBMers and WebSphere ESB customers to get the most out of IBM SOA products. I hope this will also allow me to spend more time on this blog. As always, if you’ve any questions or feedback about what we’ve written, please attach them somewhere as a comment (although please bear in mind this is not an official support mechanism; if you’re an IBM customer and need urgent assistance, please raise a PMR instead).

Update 2006-12-25: Please be aware that there are some critical fixes that you should apply after you install or upgrade to WebSphere ESB (or Process Server) 6.0.2. You can find more details here.

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