JMS Clients External to a Cell

Based on a true story:

Let’s say that you’ve developed an ESB mediation module that exposes a JMS or SOAP/JMS interface via an export, and deployed it to your server. You’re writing a client to make requests to this export. Because you’re feeling lazy, you decide to use the connection factories that are automatically created for the export’s use, rather than create your own (which you should really do, particularly in a production environment). If your client is running of outside the cell that contains your server, this won’t work – you’ll get an error message when you try to connect. You will need to find the ‘Provider endpoints’ field for the connection factory in question in the administrative console, and add in hostnameofserver:7276 (assuming you are using the default port number). You’ll then need to save your changes and restart the server. Magic! It works.


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