SOA Semantics with ESB and Process Server

Dave Linthicum hosts an SOA Podcast over at Infoworld which is well worth a listen. The content can sometimes be quite abstract and high-level, but he still makes some worthy points about the state of the SOA software industry.

A recent podcast of his about SOA semantics and layering reminded me of something I wrote some time ago regarding a best practice for using WebSphere ESB and WebSphere Process Server (which could be logically extended to any ESB / BPM software combination), which is: use Process Server as much as possible and ESB as little as possible. Ultimately, everyone involved in your SOA is (or should be) trying to solve business problems, and almost all of the interesting ones lie in the BPM space. ESB (much as I hate to admit it, working on a team that develops one!) is about solving the nitty-gritty technical issues regarding connecting services, rather than the business ones. It’s worth bearing this distinction in mind when developing your SOA.


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